Holy Sh*t - We're Having a Baby!

Exciting announcement 🙊



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by Bexx Henderson in Life

Well, I’ve kinda given away the bulk of this post in the title, haven’t I?!


I’m pregnant!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I got married back in May. It was always our plan to start trying after the honeymoon. But, as it turns out, we didn’t even wait that long! 🙈

A few days after we got back, I got this weird intuition – and decided to take an early pregnancy test. The result came back negative, so I brushed it off as wishful thinking and carried on with life.

We had a BBQ. I drunk a lot of sangria.

I didn’t think any more of it until about a week later, when I realised my period had gone AWOL. Strange, I thought, as I had all the usual monthly symptoms – spotty face, sore boobs, crying at videos of sloths on Facebook.

“I doubt I’m preggers, but should probably make sure before any more boozy BBQs,” I said to the husband.

Off I went to pee on a stick. Definitely on the stick, not all over myself.

“Errr – this one’s broken. It thinks we made a baby. The line is really faint though, I knew we should have bought one of the expensive ones…”

By this stage, I was so convinced I wasn’t pregnant, I went to the supermarket and bought myself two posh pregnancy tests, a bottle of prosecco, and some chocolate for when my period decided to rock up.

It turns out you don’t really get false positives.

(I also learned it’s a lot less stressful if you pee into something – instead of directly onto the test 😂)

Finding out was such a surreal moment – one I’ll never forget. The happiest and most exciting, yet also the most terrifiying, moment of my life so far! There were tears, and we said “oh shit!” quite a lot.

Although it was something we both wanted, I think we both expected it would take some time. We hadn’t even started trying properly yet, so it came as a (very welcome) surprise.

Whilst I feel a little guilty writing that, because I know some people don’t have it so easy, from a personal perspective, I think it highlights how far I’ve come on my own journey. I doubt it would have happened so quickly if I hadn’t spent so much time developing a balanced approach to health and wellbeing over the past few years. I feel so beyond grateful I decided to stop treating my body like crap before we wanted to start a family.

So far, being pregnant is the weirdest thing I’ve ever experienced. I mean, a tiny human is growing inside me – how crazy/awesome is that?! I feel totally in awe of my body, yet I have moments where I feel anxious and overwhelmed by it all. I’ll write some more about that, and my experience of the first trimester, over the next few weeks.

We’re currently on week 15 – and I’m starting to get a little bump now, which makes everything feel a bit more real. Baby Hendo will be joining us some time towards late March/early April next year – and we can’t wait! 👶🏼💛



Are you struggling to lose weight, and keep it off? You need to read this.

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